The Trap Letter

The book “The Trap” is a book based off the main character Daniel Henderson, who finds himself stuck in the Alaskan woods with a bear trap forged to his leg. This tragedy leaves Daniel to die in the Alaskan Frontier without food, heat, and protection. Daniel’s father is too busy to even notice that his own son is lost in the frigid cold. Daniel is relying on his Grandfather to send help to come and find him.

Dear Grandpa,

These harsh winters in the Alaskan frontier are worse than anything in the world. I am lost in the middle of the woods surrounded by predators, hungry, and cold. Stuck with a trap forged to my foot unable to be released. I have been starving and cold for the last three days. Never have I been this scared to be by myself in these frigid cold woods. All that I am asking for is to be rescued and taken home again, but Papa is too busy to even notice that I am missing. My .22 has failed me and my strength has left me to die. Please do what you must to find me.

Your Grandson,


Wolf Raid


In the book “The Trap” the main character is Dainel Henderson and the scene I am showing is when a pack of wolves decide to raid Dainel’s camp after he gets lost in the Alaskan Forest. While Dainel is asleep, a pack of five wolves raid his camp and awake Dainel in fright. Dainel grabs his spear and jabs one of the wolf’s and attempted to attack another wolf but was unsuccessful. The wolf took hold of Dainel’s arm and rips this shirt in half. This lead to a frightning night for Dainel.

Keep Believing

Some people judge me,
By how I look,
The words that I hear,
Can not be overtook,
I can hear perfectly,
But I can not speak correctly,
I am twelve years old,
I am fed by an aid,
While others feed themselves and play games,
I am just like the others tall and nice,
Some people see me as the person with no smarts,
I will no stop believing,
And will always,
Be confident.

Lessons Learned in the Holocaust

In this paragraph I learned how Adolf became to hate Jews. While studying the Holocaust, I Learned that Adolf Hitler was not born in Germany but born in Austria and despised Jews for what happened earlier in his life. When Adolf was a boy he loved to draw, but one day when his father saw him drawing he burnt all of his artwork he had been working on for three months straight. When Adolf’s father died in a car crash due to drunk driving his mother and Adolf went to a art camp and his artwork was noticed by other Austrian people. When the camp leaders told Adolf’s mother about his work he was soon sent to a very private art camp for only the elite artists could go, Adolf was very pleased with the opportunity to go to such a camp. When adolf had drawn a picture for one of the camp leaders she told Adolf that he had no artistic skill in him whatsoever. Adolf went home that day hating the camp leader and found out later in his life that she was a Jew. That is how Adolf Hitler began to hate Jews because of just one issue with only one Jew, he started to hate every Jew he saw. That is why Adolf Hitler forced Jews to the extreme death, just because of one Jew. If that one Jew had told Adolf his artwork was good or even said, ‘We can help you get better!’ imagine how the world might been if that one Jew had not disrespected Adolf we would not have had to deal with World War II.

Do not let anyone tell you wrong, even if they do say negative comments about something you love to do stand up for yourself and always do what you enjoy doing!

Let yourself succeed in life and enjoy what you enjoy doing do not let anyone bring you down about the things you love or enjoy to do. Do not let someone tell you negative comments about your passion! Do not let negative comments stop you from doing what you want to do!

In this paragraph I learned that no race should be treated differently. While studying the holocaust, I learned that Adolf and the Nazi’s treated races in different ways. Let’s start with the Jews. Adolf despised Jews because of one Jew telling him he had not artistic skills whatsoever. So Adolf treated Jews worse than any other race. He treated Jews worse than Polish people, and treated Polish people better than Jews. Adolf tried to create a master race of blond hair and blue eyes. If someone did not have those characteristics of blond hair and blue eyes they were to be executed or worked to death and died a slow and painful death. Do not judge people by their negative comments, let that bad comment go away and move on.

Number the Stars Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

I have been terrified every since I lost my parents to the Nazis at the synagon. I will probably never get to see them again. I am very thankful that Annemarie’s family are taking care of me and keeping me safe. I am pretending to be Lise Johanson and trying to not be taken away by the Nzai’s like my parents.

I am very pleased that the Johanson’s are keeping me safe during the relocation of Jews. I will never forget the time when my parents were taken away from me. The last words I heard from my mother was “I Love You!”, and those words were racing through my mind for the rest of the night until a sudden loud banging on the door awoke the family. My eyes wide open in fear and my heart beating like drums.

Three German soldiers marched into the living room like a herd of zebras. Their boots shocked the ground in roar and left me to be as scared as I have ever been. The three German soldiers rampaged through the house trying to find what they were looking for. The German soldiers stomped into the room that Annemarie and I were staying in. The soldiers looked through everything in the room and flashed a light towards Annemarie and I. “Get up out of the bed!” said the one of the German soldiers in a horrible danish accent. Annemarie and I stood straight up in fear and walked into the living room. One of the German soldiers grabbed my hair and held it very tight. Mr. Johanson swiftly went towards the bookshelf and took out our family photo album. He tore out 3 different pictures and shoved the pictures into the German soldier. Each picture labeled each Infant’s name, “Kriten Elizabith, Lise Johanson, Annemarie Johanson…?” said the soldier in a anger. The soldier threw the pictures towards the ground and walked towards the door and left the room.


Over the Dam

I went to bed late the night at two in the morning and one hour later it was time to get up at three and head out to Honey Grove Texas to start something that had not been finished.
As my dad and I pulled up the the dam that held the water in the pond,
he told me to be quit and look at the ground
and do not move,
little did I know that there was over 100 ducks floating in towards the pond.
My face went from tired to shocked.
I would have never of thought there could be this many ducks on such a small pond.
When the ducks landed,
my dad and I put our waders on,
got out our guns and we both got 12 bullets for the guns,
ready for whatever was over the dam.
As I silently walked towards the dam,
I looked back at my dad telling him to come up here to get ready,
He got to me and pressed the safety trigger to fire,
we both stood up and ran up the hill little did we both know that there was over two hundred ducks twenty feet away from us.
We both shot three times and hit six ducks,
then we both re-loaded our guns and shot another three times each hitting six more ducks!
As we loaded our second round the ducks had taken off into the sky.
We both shot three times BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!!!
The sky had become black like a black hole in space.
My dad and I had shot our limit in less than thirty seconds,
and we both went to the truck,
packed our gear,
and started to head home.

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Similarities and Differences of Communicating with Technology in Person!

There are many similarities between communicating in person or with technology. They both show emotion by your attitude or facial cues. With technology you can show your emotion by the way you talk and how you talk, for example if you text someone a message and the text is all capital and the person you sent the message to might take it personal, if your talking to someone in person you could show your attitude by the way you say your words or your facial cues. The distance between talking in person and with technology is that you can both still talk to each other from a long distance away. One problem with talking in person is that you can’t talk to them from across the world, but with technology you can. You can meet new people with technology and in person, if it was the first day of school and some new students came to your school and you wanted to meet then you would probably ask what their name was and where they moved from. With technology you can meet someone on an online game or on a website forum. Seeing someone in person and with technology are possible in either ways, If you are face to face with someone you can obviously see their face and the way they look, and with technology you can do the same but not be face to face in person.

There are many differences with communicating in person and with technology. One difference is there is a different time limit between the two concepts, if you are talking in person you can have more time to talk to someone. Using technology is better for quicker conversations. Another difference is the distance between the two ideas. If you are talking in person they have to be close to you to talk to you, if you are talking with technology it does not matter the distance for a conversation.
Another difference is that the person might take you message the wrong way. If you are talking in person your body language and facial cues help get your message across, If you are talking with technology sometimes the message is misinterpreted.
The main difference in my opinion is trust between the two concepts. If you are talking to someone in person you know exactly who your talking to. If you are talking to someone with technology you possibly don’t know who you are talking to. Another difference between the two ideas is privacy. If you are talking to someone in person you can whisper to one another. If you’re talking with technology people can hear your conversation or buzz into the call. These are just a few of the similarities and differences, but there is plenty more. Which one will you choose?

Chernobyl Disaster

This is a post i decided to do on my own. This post is about the Chernobyl disaster.

Chernobyl Disaster:

The Chernobyl disaster was a catastrophic nuclear accident that occurred on 26 April 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine, which was under the direct jurisdiction of the central authorities of the Soviet Union. Many of the people had to evacuate the city near the power plant. The head general of the control station 4 was testing what the reactor would do at 200 Megabits Per second.The reactor went under 200 and stopped at 15 MPS and over ran the system. Even though the technology back then could have distinguish the accident it was the generals fault for putting the reactor at 200 MPS.

That’s what happened in the Soviet Union on April 29, 1986